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The leading initiative to
Save the Polar Bears.

On the Avalanche

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Without greatly reducing carbon emissions, two-thirds of the world's polar bears will disappear by the end of the century.

Together, we can do anything
So, what's the solution?
Isbjorn is taking the non-profit sector to a new level with a community-based consensus protocol.

Individuals will have direct influence on the specifics of our polar bear conservation missions, while being rewarded for participating. It's a movement that puts the people in power, backed by a functional ecosystem.
Our systems are built on the Avalanche blockchain which uses the latest validation technology to secure the ecosystem.

We take extra precautions to keep our data safe with multi-sig, testnets, and bug bounty incentives. Our contracts are audited by RugDoc. We have in-house developers to maintain the security of our platform.
By building our platform on the blockchain. All our transactions are publicly recorded on Snowtrace.

Transparency is our highest value as it sets us apart from centralised non-profit organisations. We believe to include the community, they must be aware of how funding is delegated, with a record to prove it.
Made possible with
DAO Governance
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO) is an entity that governs by rules encoded on smart contracts.

By operating as a DAO, our users have secure and efficient tools to make powerful decisions. Our software will streamline this decision making process. Here's how it works.
We value community input to gather the best ideas for our systems. Our proccesses are transparent and inclusive.
Anyone can start a proposal. The terms may relate to; conservation missions, treasury management, developments, and more.
(via Snapshot) When a proposal is approved, the voting process will go public. All users can vote based on their stake in our main governance token $IGGY.
Voting outcomes will automate code in our smart contracts. For conservation mission decisions, we will update status via our social channels.
An opportunity for our community to reflect on proposals, and note improvements for the future.
A movement designed by you
Meet Isbjorn

Our friendly mascot

Isbjorn, nicknamed Iggy, is our fierce mascot with a positive energy. His mission is to find his friends and save the Arctic ice from melting. In his spare time Iggy likes Football and Snowboarding!

The value of $IGGY

Our native governance token $IGGY, can be utilized in many unique ways. Users can vault NFTs to yield $IGGY. Tokens can then be spent on our gaming platforms, farmed on native dexes, and powered to vote on conservation mission proposals!

Powerful action on the Avalanche blockchain

Iggy is the figurehead of our mission to downscale climate change impacts and make the Arctic and the world a greener place to live. You will be seeing him often on our platform, so make sure to say hello! Our merchandise line will open in Q3 and we have some cool designs lined up for launch.

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